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Genre : High Fashion Photographer : Lim Kok Wee (Singapore) Model : Evoynne

Genre : High Fashion Photographer : Lim Kok Wee (Singapore) Model : Etienne (nickname)

Thanks and credit to Model, Shirley Shirley is also a Photographer and she is talented and Artistic. Shirley’s Official FB Fanpage : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Nevar-Photography/109240940899 Shirley’s Official Website : http://www.white-wind.net Photography by Kok Wee of http://www.photoinc.sg

Just to share some photos with Candice. Thanks.

The DanQing Queen series.. Comments most appreciated. Thanks.

Comments most appreciated. Thanks and credit to Model, Evoynne


Fashion Studio Photo shoot for Eva – July09 Testimonial from Eva Fydrych, model from UK : ” It was great to work with Lim Kok Wee. Not only is he a very skilled photographer, but he has also a very friendly and fun personality. He gave me a lot of useful tips and directions on […]

Fashion & Makeover Studio Photo shoot for Crystal – July09 Testimonial from Crystal : ” I got to know Kok Wee during my Sister’s R.O.M Ceremony & the Photos delivered for that Event has left a Strong Impression for my Family & myself. They were portrayed beautifully, capturing all the special moments & we loved it. […]

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