About PhotoInc

Life is a celebration. That hearty laughter breaking out from a shared joke about the couple, the quiet anticipation of the restless bride as she can only listen to the exciting gatecrash going on outside, the glow of immense pride in the parents’ faces as they peek from behind the teacup at their son, now a man with his wife. And then there is the little girl sitting in the corner dreaming of her wedding dress, the fierce uncle going all soft inside remembering the time he sat through a tea ceremony, there is of course the red-faced best man looking sick from trying to impress the ladies, downing every drink pushed to the groom.

There are moments you wish time would stand still; there are also moments you feel a tug at your heart and wonder if anyone saw that too.

Kok Wee did, and he will take them all in for you.

Self-taught and driven by his eye for details, Kok Wee’s sincerity to the people around him comes through in his pictures. He first started covering events and later went on to specialize in weddings while diversifying his range. Now, on top of events for all occasions (graduation, family portraits, baby shower, corporate functions etc), PhotoInc also provides services for personal portfolios, food and beverage, architecture, interior design and consumer products.

He is one to go two extra miles for you, so when Kok Wee covers an event, feel free to celebrate!  Quirky refreshing angles with a touch of humanity in every shot, just as the couples have in their testimonials; we will let the pictures speak for themselves.


Our Photography Services


  • Overseas Pre Wedding to Europe, Bhutan, China, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Korea and Thailand
  • Local Pre-Wedding
  • ROM Solemnisation Ceremony
  • Actual Day Wedding
  • Lunch Banquet
  • Dinner Banquet


  • Conference
  • Seminars
  • Annual Dinner and Dance
  • MOU Signing Ceremony
  • Sports, eg Golf and Formula One, etc
  • Conference
  • Product launch
  • Birthday Parties
  • Instant Photo Card Printing
  • Instant Photobooth
  • Livefeed projection
  • Group Photos


  • Personal Makeover
  • Corporate Profile
  • Passport Photos
  • Fashion and Glamour
  • Family Portrait
  • Convocation and Graduation
  • School and Kindergarten


  • Food
  • Beverage
  • Hamper
  • Accessories
  • Architecture (Interior & Exterior)