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“If you want the girl, you’ve gotta do all you can to get her.”

This groom had a lot of do before he could finally get to see his bride, Selin. But nothing stops this man from getting his girl, not even the fruit that he dislikes the most, the king of all fruits, DURIAN! Struggling to eat even one piece, his brothers helped the poor groom out without hesitation. Even a jar filled with worms didn’t stop this man from diving his finger inside to get the ring out.

But the bride’s “sisters” didn’t make it easy. Something different about these “sisters” are that.. well, they’re not exactly the right gender. Yes, as you can see, her “sisters” are all guys. And this certainly stepped up the obstacles faced by the groom.

The day ends with the delightful dinner held at the award winning Conrad Singapore Hotel.


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